After cutting my teeth venturing in-house at Taleo, I was ready for new challenges and boy was CA that kind of serious challenge. A big tech company who had been one of the original hardware and software brands, the brand had become stodgy and was being disrupted way more often than being the disruptor. Add to that the fact that CA actually had no presence in Silicon Valley. Uh, oh.

There was a running joke (maybe a truism) that CA really stood for Change Always. And there was a certain skepticism that with change came flushing everything people had accomplished, only to be redone at the whims of new leadership. Not saying it was totally wrong, but not totally accurate either. We had to change the mindset and one of my favorite quotes became my mantra. Paraprased it went...”If you dislike change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” and if ever a company needed that attitude, it was CA.

I was excited to get to work. And so was the new CMO. And the next one after that. We became very good at “brand refreshing” and executing strategic creative like a (good) software company, and immediately began improving our ability to apply the “agile” methodology to our work.

Now, “work” of course meant managing a creative family of outside agencies (seven), in-house creatives (six), and a varying numbers of freelancers based on the project and workload. It was seriously great as I was able to be the brand instigator and arbitor of taste (someone else’s words but I love the quote) to do this thing right. Beyond a seriously impressive set of brand guidelines and assets needed to keep everything in harmony, we also did an almost unknown number of mostly-digital ads, collateral pieces, presentations, the annual report, sales app, user conference, tradeshows, internal branding programs, and of course update of our entire email program. Did I mention the website and landing page system?

Here’s a totally incomplete look at everything but you’ll get the idea.

Can we create a vibrant and scalable brand system that can handle the entire porfolio of software solutions and all the associated assets? Oh, and also tell the story about how we’re rewriting buisiness through software??

How do we remind everyone, ourselves included, that we’ve strayed away from our heritiage as a technology company? We’re among the original tech OGs and that’s a darned cool thing to be! We introduced “Business, rewritten by software” to the world.



How to we show innovation rather than just talk about it? Digital product design of every sort from sales application for iPad, through new site design and launch, and on through the 

How do we use the new branding to create the the plethora of (digital and physical) materials for sales collateral, event designs, emails, infographics, and spot brand ads that arise?