Taleo was my first in-house gig. Boy was it going to be a learning experience (in all the best ways), and I loved the opportunity to get behind the scenes and touch everything that made a difference for customers and building the brand one artifact at a time.

Starting off with a complete rebrand and creation of a new visual system, UI, sales collateral, website, and an all new approach to brand guidelines to make sure everyone (inside and out) knew just what we stood for. This was quickly translated into our campaigns, (new) social media presence, and all manner of presentations that told the story of Taleo and how our software suite and platform could help you grow your business.

I also led work in the branding and UX design of our Taleo Talent Grid platform for universal talent profiles, plug-ins, partners, and collaboration tools. This quickly went into our first app designs, design of the software product update for the 10-year anniversary, and at the time UX wasn’t really a “thing” just yet but that’s what it was. The practice also cemented my philsophy on how to build scalable brands that don’t confuse consistency with uniformity...more on that another time.

And like every software company there comes opportunity for product videos, customer testimonial videos, sales support, white papers, high-end executive keynotes, investor relations events, annual reports, and of course our annual user conference. Yeah, we did all of that making us look really attrative to the eventual sale to Oracle who really buys everyone anyway.

What is the single most important thing to articulate about being a SaaS company in the Human Resources space? HINT: It’s about getting customers great people who make a difference for the business...ooops, let too much go there, but you get the idea.

How do you compete with big-spending software companies who are better at knowing how many computers you have than the real value of your people? Get back to basics, find your competitive differentiator, and be fearless when you talk about it.